NEC Parking Goes Mobile

If you’re heading to an event at the Genting Arena or the National Exhibition Centre soon, you might wanna check this out!

Picture the scene, you've loaded your car with your friends or family, you've made the trip down the M6 and you've parked up at the NEC ready for your big night out at the Genting Arena. You jump out of the car and take a steady stroll to our venue, queue up, get in and grab yourself some tasty food and drink from Forum Live.

You've made your way to your seat, you've read through the programme and then you've grabbed your clan for a quick selfie whilst waiting for your fave act to hit the stage. Then panic sets in. You realise you haven't paid for your car parking...dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

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Well, there's no need to sweat - we've got your back! You won't need to trawl back to your car and pay for your parking at one of our kiosks, potentially miss those precious first few tracks from your heroes on can now pay on your mobile!

Simply head to, follow the on screen instructions and sort your parking out from the comfort of your seat!

Panic over.